Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders global report

Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders

Air Transport Action Group

Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders provides a global view of a truly global industry. Oxford Economics analysed the economic and social benefits of aviation at a national level in 80 countries and used the results of that assessment to build the most comprehensive global picture of air transport’s many benefits. Working with partners across the industry, the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) has expanded the analysis to build a unique view of the air transport system, which creates and supports jobs, trade, connectivity, tourism, vital lifelines for many remote communities and rapid disaster response.

The undoubted economic and social benefits of aviation are clear, with the growth of the sector being important for all countries, developed and developing. However, these benefits also come with an environmental cost. For aviation to grow sustainably, it is vital that the industry balances the advantages of growth in air travel with the responsibility to pursue climate change action. Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders also looks at the industry's environmental progress in reducing its ecological impact and the climate targets that the sector is pursuing in the short-, medium-, and long-term.