Tallinn Airport's subsidiary Tallinn Airport GH introduced the first electric cars

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On January 3rd, three electric cars arrived at Tallinn Airport, which are intended for employees to perform the tasks necessary for servicing aircraft. The use of electric cars is an important step in reducing the carbon footprint of both the company and the entire group.

Tallinn Airport GH board member Indrek Nõlvaku according to him, the introduction of electric cars is important for the company both from the point of view of environmental goals and cost management. "Last year, we introduced the first electric scooters to move around the airport territory, which were quickly and warmly received by the employees. We decided to purchase the first electric cars in order to enable your employees to service aircraft in a green way even in the winter. As a result of the procurement, City Motors AS became our good cooperation partner, which handed over the cars today," said Nõlvak and added that aviation is not an environmentally friendly business by nature, but as a responsible ground handling service provider, they work every day to reduce their impact on the environment. to lessen. "Dacia Spring fully electric passenger cars came into use for the employees,

New electric cars will replace small vehicles with an annual fuel consumption of around 2,500 liters per car. With the introduction of electric cars, our annual air emissions will decrease by more than 17,000 kg, and in addition, there will be a clear economic effect.

City Motors AS board member Jüri-Bruno AsariAccording to Tallinn Airport GH AS, the decision of Tallinn Airport GH AS is a great example for all companies that want to show responsibility and reduce their daily CO2 footprint. "In today's world, movement is an important part of our daily lives. Regardless of whether to travel by plane to a far foreign country or to move from point A to point B by car while doing daily errands. Tallinn Airport's decision to use Dacia Spring electric cars to service aircraft gives the opportunity to do it in an environmentally friendly and much cheaper way than with vehicles with an internal combustion engine. When participating in the tender, we took into account in detail all the aspects that allow the cars to perform the assigned tasks in the best possible way. We thank you for your trust and we believe that with this step, the electrification of Tallinn Airport's car fleet will gain even more momentum."

The goal of AS Tallinna Lennujaam is to ensure the economical and responsible operation of the airports belonging to the group and the provision of high-quality service, thereby saving the natural environment and reducing air emissions. The goal of AS Tallinna Lennujaam is to be a carbon-neutral airport by 2030.