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Declaration of the 65th Assembly of Presidents of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines

WE, the Assembly of Presidents of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) declare our commitment to work with governments and industry partners to achieve the industry’s sustainability goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to facilitate the timely resumption of international air travel by 2022.

Acknowledging the rising impact of climate change, we pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions in our operations through enhanced efficiency measures, energy transition, innovation in technology, and carbon offsetting based on ICAO’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Recognising that the aviation ecosystem is made up of many stakeholders which play a key role in the aviation sustainability roadmap, we pledge to work with governments, airports, air navigation services, fuel suppliers and equipment manufacturers to meet the industry’s sustainability goals by 2050.

We further pledge to work with governments and other industry partners to progressively reduce the use of fossil fuels in favour of a greater use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). We acknowledge that the commercialization of SAF can only be achieved with the support of all stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem, and call on governments to provide support for the research, development and supply of SAF to enable our industry to meet its sustainability goals by 2050. 

The COVID pandemic plunged the airline industry into a deep crisis. Nearly two years on, the prolonged border closures and travel restrictions in the Asia Pacific region have resulted in unprecedented damage to the travel and tourism sectors, and the livelihoods that are dependent on it. Aviation accounts for US$944 billion of Asia Pacific GDP and supports nearly 47 million jobs. In a region so heavily dependent on aviation as an essential means of transportation, the resumption of international air services is urgently needed to restore global connectivity and reunite people with their loved ones.

We welcome ICAO’s leadership in pursuing a global multilateral consensus on effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases through international travel by implementing ICAO’s guidelines.

We applaud the declaration of support by governments at the recent ICAO High Level Conference on COVID, for the long-term resilience of the international aviation community, ensuring sustained operations and provision of essential services while safeguarding fair competition. We also welcome governments’ commitment to taking effective measures to safely restore international connectivity and support the revival of the global economy.

We applaud the efforts of governments to accelerate the vaccination of their populations, and to ease movement restrictions as vaccination rates rise. We pledge to continue working with governments to increase access to quarantine-free travel across borders, and gradually restore international mobility freedoms.

As international air travel gradually resumes, we support the harmonisation of border policies and health protocols based on ICAO and WHO guidelines, including simplified measures related to testing, vaccination status, and digital verification. We support an inclusive approach towards international air travel that allows for vaccinated, recovered and non-vaccinated passengers to travel, subject to objective risk-based health measures. These will greatly reduce complexity and confusion for travellers.

We remain firmly committed to partner with governments and industry stakeholders to realise a shared mission to build a future in which air travel is safe, sustainable, seamless, and digitalised, connecting people across the world.

Dated this 12th day of November 2021.65th Assembly of Presidents
Association of Asia Pacific Airlines