Kansai Airports introduces new measures towards plastic-free

Aviation's impact on the environment

VINCI Airports with Kansai Airports Group are working along to help to reduce the use of plastic and make people aware of its effects on the environment in line with our global environmental strategy AirPact.

In Japan, 9 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced every year. Of these, 4 million tonnes are disposable plastics such as plastic bottles and bags.

Since July 1 in Japan, stores have been charging for the use of plastic bags. VINCI Airports and the Kansai Airports Group are going one step further to help reduce the use of plastic by having implemented new concrete measures at Kansai, Osaka Itami and Kobe airports since April: ecological paper bags and bags made from organic, FSC-certified products are now available in airport stores.

In addition to this initiative, and like the entire VINCI Airports network, these airports are committed to sustainable development through numerous initiatives such as the adoption of renewable energies, the transition of airport vehicles to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), but also the sorting and reduction of waste and the recycling of food waste.