American Airlines Launches Carbon Offsetting Partnership with Cool Effect

Climate solutions

American Airlines is partnering with Cool Effect to connect its customers with options for offsetting the carbon emissions associated with their flights, part of the airline’s long-term commitment to help reduce the impact of air travel on the environment.

Cool Effect is a nonprofit organization that sources high-quality, verified carbon reduction projects across the globe and is recognized for rigorous vetting and full pricing transparency.

“Sustainability is as important to us as it is to our customers, and even in circumstances as challenging as these, our focus on climate change has not diminished,” said Alison Taylor, Chief Customer Officer for American Airlines. “Carbon offsetting is not a complete or perfect solution to the environmental challenges we face as a society and as an airline, but we want to do what we can right now to make a difference. We’re proud to connect our customers with a trusted partner like Cool Effect, and we appreciate all those who are willing to join our efforts to help better protect the planet as we connect the world.”

The launch of this carbon offsetting partnership with Cool Effect is just one element of American’s long-term strategy for reducing its environmental impact. American has also invested in modernizing its fleet with more fuel-efficient aircraft, advanced a broad set of fuel conservation initiatives across its operation, and committed to adopting sustainable aviation fuel.

“We founded Cool Effect in 2015 to improve trust in the carbon market by promoting what we call Carbon Done Correctly,” said Dee Lawrence, Co-Founder of Cool Effect. “With scientific project review and full pricing transparency, Cool Effect ensures that any carbon emission reduction project featured on our platform is held to the highest standards and is measurably fighting climate change. Our goal is to deliver integrity to both our customers and developers of these projects. Support from organizations like American Airlines, which recognize the urgent need to take action on climate change, is having a positive impact.”

As Cool Effect’s first airline partner, American’s customers will be connected with a custom website to learn about high-quality carbon offsetting, view project details and community benefits, and buy carbon offsets. The website is available to American’s customers now at