Caring for the UK’s National Health heroes

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At American Airlines, our purpose is to care for people on life’s journey. It may seem simple, but that purpose is critical as health care heroes around the world face the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

At London Heathrow Airport (LHR), Facilities Crew Chief Dean Summers, Supply Services Supervisor Angela McManus and Senior Maintenance Manager Matthew Payne swung into action to help the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).

The LHR maintenance team was due to work on a project some time ago that required a unique type of protective bodysuit. However, the project was postponed and the bodysuits — which were not cost effective to return — would have otherwise gone unused at LHR.

Due to the increased demand placed on the NHS, supplies are running low. Dean, Angela, Matthew and American were able to provide 100 of these bodysuits to the NHS hospital where Dean’s wife, Sheryl Summers, is a nurse.

“We are living through extraordinary times and the situation is always evolving,” Angela said. “It’s important that we do our bit to protect lives as much as we can.”

Sheryl and her colleagues are on the frontline, taking care of the most critically-ill COVID-19 patients. This means there is a risk of being exposed to the virus each day.

“We had this surplus protective equipment from a previous project and donating them to the frontline NHS staff was an incredible honor,” Matthew said.

“Knowing American’s donation will help Sheryl’s team to feel safe and secure while performing their life-saving work shows how we’re pulling together to care for people on life’s journey,” Dean said.

“From all the NHS Community Nursing team, we would like to thank all at American Airlines for your kindness and generous donation of overalls,” Sheryl said. “We are now able to better protect ourselves against COVID-19. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”