Airbus, Air France, Safran, Suez and Total greet advancements in favor of a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in France

Sustainable fuels

As the French Government presented the country’s ambitions with regards to sustainable aviation biofuels, in Toulouse, Airbus, Air France, Safran, Suez and Total acknowledge the launch of a new Call for Expression of Interest (CEI). The ambition presented set forth the conclusions of a working group which included government agencies and industrial partners, all of whom signed Green Deal in December 2017.

This CEI is a fundamental first step towards the emergence of a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in France. It will allow investment projects in sustainable biofuel production units for second-generation aviation in France to be identified, as well as supportive measures and incentives in favor of such investments.

The implementation of an economically viable and lasting industry is key for accelerating the use of sustainable aviation biofuels and for reducing net CO2 emissions in air transport. It must guarantee that all its players maintain a competitive edge in a competitive environment and help to lead the world forward.

For 18 months, industrial entities have been mobilizing and working alongside the government to promote the emergence of a sustainable aviation biofuel industry in France. The initiative constitutes the first innovative partnership between public and private players in the industry. It sets forth the conditions for developing lasting industries in France in the following set of recommendations:

  • Mobilize the necessary volume of raw materials towards the aviation sector,
  • Ensure that sustainable resources, especially sustainable resources sourced from the circular economy, are used to produce advanced biofuels,
  • Ensure that the industry is economically viable for all actors in the value chain through appropriate incentive schemes,
  • Use existing airport logistics distribution networks,
  • Support and promote production diversification.

The expansion of sustainable aviation biofuels constitutes a strategic lever for reducing net CO2 emissions from air transport over a full lifecycle by up to 80% unmixed.