Hawaiian Airlines and Amadeus celebrate first flights with new software to improve operational efficiency


Amadeus and Hawaiian Airlines celebrated this week the first flights departing from the carrier’s Honolulu hub with new technology to improve operational productivity, maximize aircraft carrying capacity and reduce fuel burn and carbon emissions.

This summer, Hawaiian began implementing Amadeus Departure Control Flight Management (DCS FM) to optimize load planning for more than 260 daily flights between the Hawaiian Islands and throughout its growing route network connecting Hawai‘i to U.S. Mainland, Asia, Oceania and the South Pacific.

The new technology allows Hawaiian to quickly and precisely define each aircraft’s optimal load distribution using enhanced automated data feeds, including passenger numbers, cargo volume and fuel weight planned for each flight. The solution integrates seamlessly with Hawaiian Airlines’ technology.

“The fully automated capabilities of Amadeus DCS FM are helping us to improve productivity and optimize the use of aircraft capacity,” said Jon Snook, Hawaiian Airlines chief operating officer. “It also allows us to maintain our U.S. industry leading on-time performance record by combining real time and historical data to plan our flights and ensure punctual departures.”

Elena Avila, EVP and Head of Airlines for the Americas at Amadeus said, “Since the successful implementation of Amadeus DCS FM integrated as a standalone solution, fully integrated with Hawaiian Airlines’ current technology, our teams are seeing significant improvement in standardizing operations, increasing cargo capacity and reducing fuel burn.”

Hawaiian Airlines is leading the way in modernizing how airlines manage and automate their operations so employees can focus on delivering superior value to their guests and a memorable Hawaiian travel experience. Results of this new solution will include improved fuel efficiency and related fuel cost savings, the avoidance of potential delays thanks to real-time information being shared between reservation systems and aircraft loaders, and smoother departure processes.

Hawaiian is utilizing Amadeus DCS FM on its jet fleet of 24 Airbus A330, 13 A321neo and 20 Boeing 717 aircraft.