SAF+ CONSORTIUM Finalist of the Sky's the Limit Challenge

Sustainable fuels

SAF+ CONSORTIUM is proud to have been selected as a finalist in Impact Canada's / Natural Resources Canada's Challenge. The technology and the highly innovative approach on which the Consortium's clean fuel is developed, convinced the jury of the huge potential for the aviation industry. Using an innovative circular economy solution, SAF+ CONSORTIUM transforms CO2 emitted by industries into an alternative fuel that has the same chemical properties as kerosene, while reducing carbon footprint by 80% over its life cycle.

« We would like to thank Natural Resources Canada for implementing this Challenge. This is an exceptional opportunity to value the efforts being made to find sustainable approaches, both economically and environmentally, to the challenges facing the aviation industry. », says Jean Paquin, President and CEO, SAF + CONSORTIUM.

The civil aviation sector needs to find sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to meet the obligations set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This new clean fuel will lead to a revolution in the aviation industry while contributing to the achievement of GHG reduction targets in Quebec and Canada and promoting their respective economic development.

« The $2 million prize we receive today will allow us to complete our first demonstration plant that will showcase our technology. », adds Mr. Paquin.

To carry out this major project, SAF+ CONSORTIUM can rely on several renowned partners who will ensure, among other things, the integration of sustainable fuel into the aviation value chain. Among them, Carbon Consult Group, expert in carbon footprint management, CO2 Solutions, with its CO2 capture technology, the airline company Air Transat, which will test the sustainable fuel on its fleet of aircraft and ADM Aéroports de Montréal, which will provide fuel delivery logistics support at the YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

« It is crucial for Air Transat to work on finding a sustainable aviation fuel solution that can meet the needs of airline operations such as ours, but also meet the industry's goals for carbon-neutral growth. », says Jean-François Lemay, President and CEO, Air Transat. « The solution that SAF+ CONSORTIUM is working on is a perfect fit with our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. We are committed to putting our expertise to work in this great project of interest. »

« ADM is committed to working actively with its partners to support initiatives and pilot projects that help reduce the environmental impact of aviation activities. We are proud to be supporting the development of this innovative CO2-based fuel technology by SAF+ CONSORTIUM. », noted Martin Massé, Vice President, Public Affairs, ADM.

« Capturing and recovering CO2 to produce a low-GHG aviation fuel is a highly promising approach to addressing climate change while creating a new economic sector. », says Evan Price, President and CEO, CO2 Solutions.

« There is currently an undeniable momentum around climate issues, reflecting the need and urgency to take actions. As a result, the technology developed by SAF + CONSORTIUM is a significant step forward in supplying low-carbon fuel for the aviation industry. », concludes Mr. Paquin.