SAS has been CO2 offsetting 1.5 million youth tickets

Environmental Economic measures

Over the past year, SAS has been CO2 offsetting all Youth Tickets, amounting to a total of almost 1.5 million tickets, an increase of five percent. The initiative is part of SAS’ ambition to promote more sustainable travel.

A year ago, SAS became first airline to include CO2 offsetting of all Youth Tickets. This was in response to a clear message from young travelers that they wanted to be able to explore the world in a more sustainable way.

The initiative has been a success. There has been an increase in the number of young people choosing to travel with SAS over the past 12-month period.

“It’s encouraging that young people still want to travel and to return home inspired or to inspire others, and thereby hopefully contribute to a positive development of our society. Conscientious and sustainable travel has never been more relevant. We’re seeing an increase in demand amongst our travelers to make active choices, especially younger people, hence the reason for this investment,” said Lars Andersen Resare, Head of Environment and CSR at SAS.

Since April 2018, SAS has been CO2 offsetting all SAS Youth Tickets. Youth Tickets are available for travelers aged 12-25 in the classes ‘SAS Youth GO Smart’ and ‘SAS Youth GO Light’. Youth Tickets can only be booked via the SAS website and prices start from 40 EUR.

Since 1 February, SAS has also been CO2 offsetting all tickets booked using a EuroBonus number.