ACI World expresses its position on Airports and Emergency Humanitarian Response

Disaster response

The 29th Airports Council International (ACI) World Annual General Assembly (WAGA) held on 4 April in Hong Kong, China unanimously expressed its position on Airports and Emergency Humanitarian Response. The Resolution addresses the role of airports in supporting recovery operations.

The Resolution encourages airports to plan their role in the recovery of a disaster-affected area and to work with governmental agencies and other relevant entities. Airports are well positioned to provide support through additional surge capacity such as the ability to handle larger aircraft, overflow areas for aircraft parking, storage space for goods, security measures, personnel, equipment and logistics capability.

“Airports are lifelines for humanitarian aid to reach people quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster including the handling goods, aid workers and evacuees, and acting as a logistics hub for the affected area, all while maintaining operations for regular passenger and cargo throughput,” ACI World Director General Angela Gittens said. “As such, airports have a crucial role to play in the event of an emergency.”

To facilitate the ability of airports to act quickly and effectively to emergency situations, airports can plan for their response in advance.

ACI World Director General Angela Gittens said: “It is important that airports around the world include disaster relief in the situations covered in their Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans, prioritized according to an assessment of the risk of different types of disasters occurring in the area of the airport.

“ACI also encourages member airports to assess and increase their resilience to natural disasters and to share with ACI their experience and lessons learned in the handling of disasters, so that best practices can be developed and improved over time.”

The 29th ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly, Congress & Exhibition held in Hong Kong, China, 2 to 4 April, hosted by Hong Kong International Airport, attracted more than 850 delegates from around the world.