Swedish Regional Airline BRA launches Environment Class

Environmental Technology Climate solutions

BRA Environmental Class is not a traditional class with boarding before everyone else, the opportunity to bring huge bags at no cost. It is simply about making it even easier for everyone to make a greener choice when booking the flight.

Flying in BRA Environment Class costs SEK 300 in addition to the ticket price and is bookable as of Wednesday March 13.

"With BRA Environment Class we want to try to get more people to choose a greener alternative, so that together we contribute to the goal of a fossil-free domestic flight in 2030," says Ulrika Matsgård, who is commercial manager of BRA.

- It is the emissions that need to be reduced, not the travel. Through our new investments, we want to help reduce the climate footprint from flying,” says Ulrika Matsgård.

This is the BRA Environment Class:

Biofuel - We fly with biofuel to reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions. The advantage of biofuels compared to ordinary aviation fuel is that there is no net increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Climate compensation - In cooperation with a large and well-known partner, we climate compensate for emissions of our flights. For the best quality choice, BRA has chosen a Gold Standard certified project. When we climate compensate, we invest in projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions elsewhere at least to the same level as our emissions.