SFO Launches Sound Waves Education Curriculum

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The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) announced the launch of a brand new high school education curriculum called Sound Waves, an innovative study of how sound carries in and around the airport, to help engage the next generation of aviation professionals.

“SFO has created a unique, hands-on learning curriculum that leads students to explore the science of sound waves, how sound travels and its impact on human beings,” said Airport Director Ivar C. Satero. “These lessons give young people a chance to explore the science, technology, and engineering behind how airports operate, and provides insightful opportunities for future careers at SFO."

The education materials were created by and for teachers, and meet the requirements of the California Department of Education Content Standards NGSS HS PS 4.1. Over the course of five days, the lesson sequence includes:

  • Inquiry-based Introduction to Waves
  • Sound Scavenger Hunt
  • Sound and Mediums Investigation
  • Sound and Particles Demonstrations
  • Unique On-Site Summative Experience - How SFO’s Noise Abatement Office decodes sounds around the airport

The program concludes with a special tour at SFO that features internship and airport career opportunities.

To get started, simply visit Sound Waves: A High School Education Curriculum and complete the form. Once submitted, the airport will provide slides with instructions and customizable worksheets for students, coordinate material pick-up and schedule a tour.