Neste among most sustainable companies based on CDP Climate Change assessment


Neste has been highlighted as a global leader on corporate climate action by environmental impact non-profit Climate Disclosure Project (CDP), achieving a place on the CDP Climate Change ‘A List.’ Only 126 companies globally were awarded with the ‘A List’ placement, Neste being the only energy company to reach this level.

CDP Climate Change focuses on assessing corporate measures to combat climate risks and take advantage of the business opportunities offered by low-carbon products and services. In the result released by CDP on 22 January, Neste’s climate actions have been evaluated as being even stronger than in previous years, achieving the best possible ‘A List’ result. Last year, Neste’s placement was on the ‘A- List.’ The ‘A List’ rating is based on Neste's sustainability performance in 2017.

“Our low-emission solutions are our greatest contribution to the global efforts to combat climate change. In 2017, our renewable products helped our customers to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by a total of 8.3 million metric tons, and we aim at even higher reductions,” says Simo Honkanen, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Public Affairs at Neste.

Neste has disclosed its climate change prevention measures for the past 12 years in CDP, and focused on circular economy to reduce emissions. Compared to conventional fossil diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel enables up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions over the life cycle of the fuel.

CDP collected data from thousands of companies about their environmental impacts, risks and opportunities, for independent assessment against its scoring methodology. The purpose of the assessment is to recognize the role of enterprises in meeting the goals of international climate agreements.

"We are extremely pleased with our ranking in CDP’s Climate program. According to our evaluation, we achieved this ranking thanks to our long-term actions in combating climate change and solid performance across different criteria. It is our mission to provide sustainable solutions for the needs of transport and cities, aviation, as well as polymers and chemicals customers,” Honkanen says.

CDP also published the results for its Forests and Water Security programs. In these, Neste’s performance reached ‘B-’ (Water),’A-’ (Forests, palm oil) and ‘B’ (Forests, cattle products) lists. Disclosing the forest footprint is still rare in the energy sector. Neste continues to be the only energy sector company that transparently discloses its forest footprint as part of the globally renowned CDP Forests program.