JAC Runs on 100% Green Power

Infrastructure Environmental

In advance of the winter 2018/2019 season Jackson Hole Airport committed to 100% Green Power, provided by Lower Valley Energy (LVE). Jackson Hole Airport represents the largest commercial conversion to Green Power in the community this year and one of its largest overall. Energy Conservation Works (ECW) and Lower Valley Energy worked extensively with the airport in recent years on various efficiency and conservation projects to reduce their energy use. ECW and LVE more recently helped the airport to evaluate their energy footprint and the cost of shifting to 100% local, renewable electricity. They made this recent commitment as part of their ongoing sustainability efforts.

The Jackson Hole Airport joins a group of airports across the U.S., including Fresno, Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and San Diego in using Green Power. JAC is pleased to be on the leading edge of the industry.

“The Airport Board is focused on preserving our environment and aligning our sustainability goals with the values of Grand Teton National Park and our community. Making the move to run all Airport managed facilities on 100% Green Power is an additional way we can support these goals,” commented Jerry Blann, Jackson Hole Airport Board President.

As an industry catalyst, the International Air Transport Association, representing 290 airlines and 82% of total air traffic, has set goals to dramatically reduce emissions by 2050, half carbon neutral growth by 2020, and increase efficiency annually.

With its commitment to Green Power for their operations, all the airport's electricity needs will be met from local, and regional Green Power resources. Their commitment equates to the average energy use of nearly 300 average Jackson homes. Much of the Green Power provided through LVE is produced at the Horse Butte Wind Farm, outside Idaho Falls. Additional Green Power comes from several local micro-hydroelectric facilities owned and operated by LVE along with other regional wind farms. The Town of Jackson and Teton County both purchase the electricity from these local hydro projects.

According to ECW's Director Phil Cameron, “As a point of entry for so many of our visitors, and a vital community asset, to have Jackson Hole Airport running on Green Power really embodies our community ideals.” He continued, “The airport's significant commitment to Green Power reflects a changing sentiment in Teton County that using renewable energy is becoming a standard best practice.”

Energy Conservation Works partnered with Lower Valley Energy in September of 2017, launching an effort to increase participation in the Green Power program. Since that time hundreds of residents and business owners, have chosen to switch their power to Green sources. Grand Teton National Park, the Town of Jackson and Teton County as agencies, and Snow King Mountain Resort are key community entities that operate on 100% Green Power.