Kiruna, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Edmonton Airports renew their accreditations

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Did you know that Canada's Edmonton International Airport is engaged in Airport Carbon Accreditation? The airport is busy with Mapping its carbon emissions, getting a head-start to CO2 reductions! Congratulations on your renewal at Level 1 Mapping and fingers crossed for your progress within the programme.

Good news on carbon-free mobility from Thailand! Bangkok Suvarnabhumi will welcome electric taxis operating to and from the airport as of next month! In an effort to promote renewable energy, a fleet of 101 electric taxis will be in service by Sep. 9 with a goal of increasing the number to upward of 1,000 next year. This news comes as Bangkok Suvarnabhumi secures renewal at the second to highest levels of Airport Carbon Accreditation - Level 3 Optimisation. Congratulations on your efforts to reduce your own carbon emissions and engaging others to do the same! Read the rest of the story here.

Kiruna Airport achieved a great feat in carbon management! The airport secured a 3-yearly renewal at the highest level of Airport Carbon Accreditation - 3+ Neutrality!Just as a reminder: Airports can apply for such a prolonged renewal only if they have achieved a quantified emissions reduction on at least one Scope 3 emissions source, i.e. successfully contributed to reducing the carbon footprint of their partners. And while their certificates are valid for three years, these airports still have, on an annual basis, to submit a full carbon footprint, demonstrate emissions reductions and offset their residual emissions.Ufff, in short, it’s quite a feat to have it made.