The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and NAV CANADA released the findings of their most recent public consultation in a report titled, ‘A Quieter Operations Roadmap: Six Ideas to reduce noise impacts for our neighbours’.

The report reflects feedback from nearly 1,500 residents who live in communities surrounding the airport on six noise mitigation ideas including: new flight paths for overnight flights, increased use of continuous descent operations, changes to the preferential runway system, and a summer weekend runway alternation program.

Community outreach on the consultation began in February 2018. Automated calls, newspaper advertisements, emails and social media reached more than 2.9 million people with invitations to participate in the consultation.

The consultation period ran from March 3 to April 20 and included public meetings, presentations from industry experts and one-on-one discussions about what the initiatives would mean for individual residents. Feedback was gathered through a survey, available both online and in printed format at events. More than 430 residents attended 15 public meetings in communities across the region and more than 900 residents provided feedback via the survey.

“As an airport, we understand that noise from airport operations impacts surrounding communities and we are committed to engaging in meaningful conversations about ways to address and reduce those impacts for our neighbours. The results of this process have led to action on ideas that were developed in part with our neighbours and we’re proud to be taking steps, together, that will move the dial on noise,” Hillary Marshall, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Communications, Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

“We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who took the time to engage with us and to provide feedback. We are committed to continuing to work collaboratively as we move forward with the implementation of meaningful mitigations for residents,” said Rudy Kellar, Executive Vice President, Service Delivery, NAV CANADA.

The GTAA and NAV CANADA are committed to open and transparent communications and consultation with the communities surrounding Toronto Pearson, guided by the industry’s Airspace Change Communications and Consultation Protocol.

The 6 Ideas represent just one of the many efforts to address aircraft noise, including the GTAA’s Growing Responsibly: 2018-2022 Noise Management Action Plan and NAV CANADA’s commissioned Independent Toronto Airspace Review.

Learn more about the Six Ideas, including details of the first two initiatives to be tested this summer.