IATA trainings to ‘nurture talent’ in developing nations


IATA shows firm commitment to sustainable development by making training more accessible in developing nations.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Director of Training Guy Brazeau has said a new pricing scheme to help developing nations improve their workforces will 'nurture the talent’ in the regions and assist connectivity.

IATA has announced a 30% discount on more than 350 courses—almost all its training catalogue—in a variety of subject areas for aviation professionals living and working in developing nations.

Reacting to the announcement, Brazeau said: "Aviation is the business of freedom and a catalyst for development. A well-trained aviation workforce is essential to realizing the industry’s potential to support social and economic growth—critical enablers of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“By making IATA training more accessible in developing nations we are helping airlines nurture the talent they need to support growing demands for connectivity. And we are helping individuals to enrich their career opportunities in aviation.”

Some 100,000 aviation professionals are trained up annually with the help of IATA, which offers more than 40 diploma programs—supported by top academic institutions across the world—aimed at creating safe, efficient, and sustainable businesses in the sector.

The latest move reaffirms IATA’s commitment to the International Civil Aviation Organization “No Country Left Behind” initiative, whose goal it is to ensure all states have access to the significant socio-economic benefits that come from safe and reliable air transport.