ACI Asia-Pacific is pleased to announce results of the ACI Asia-Pacific Green Airports Recognition 2018 which recognizes airports’ outstanding achievements in their environmental projects.

A total of 19 submissions were received this year. The Panel of Judges concluded that recognition will be awarded to the following airports:

Over 35 million passengers per annum:

  • Platinum – Hong Kong International Airport
  • Gold – Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
  • Silver – Indira Gandhi International Airport

Between 15 to 35 million passengers per annum:

  • Platinum – Auckland Airport
  • Gold – Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Silver – Kansai International Airport

Less than 15 million passengers per annum:

  • Platinum – Adelaide Airport
  • Gold – Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
  • Silver – Christchurch International Airport

Mrs. Patti Chau, ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Director said, “I am pleased to see more participating airports this year and more airports being recognized! Congratulations to all! The submissions will be a great contribution to the best practice sharing Publication of Green Airports Recognition 2018. In addition, it will be considered for the ICAO Eco Airport Toolkit – Waste management at airports.”

The Green Airports Recognition was established by ACI Asia-Pacific with the support of ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Environment Committee. The Recognition’s objective is to promote environmental best practices to minimize aviation’s impact on the environment and to recognize ACI Asia-Pacific airport members who have outstanding accomplishments in their environmental projects. Understanding that different airports have different environmental priorities, each year, there will be a specific environmental aspect to be chosen as theme of recognition. This year’s theme is Waste Minimization.

The submissions were reviewed by the following judges:

  • Mr. Christopher Paling, Senior Lecturer – Centre for Aviation, Transport, and the Environment, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Mr. Christopher Surgenor, Editor/Publisher, GreenAir Online
  • Ms. Juliana Scavuzzi, Aviation Environmental Specialist, ACI World
  • Dr. Panagiotis Karamanos, Aviation Environmental Consultant
  • Mrs. Patti Chau, Regional Director, ACI Asia-Pacific

Mr. Christopher Paling, Senior Lecturer – Centre for Aviation, Transport, and the Environment, Manchester Metropolitan University said, “It is interesting to see what airports in this region are doing – and there is a lot of excellent projects as the submissions show.”

Recognized airports are invited to the award presentation ceremony to be held on April 24, 2018 at the ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly to be held in Chiba City, Japan. For more information about the event, please visit the event website at