Boeing’s “Dollars for Doers” employee match programme takes community investments higher

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Chicago – Boeing leadership announced today several policy revisions to the Boeing volunteer and gift match programs. As part of the company’s $100 million tax relief investment earmarked for corporate charitable investments, the enhanced “Dollars for Doers” employee match program rewards those employees who give their time, talent and resources to local communities around the world. The “Dollars for Doers” program includes:

  • Higher gift match levels for all employees. Boeing will now match eligible charitable gifts made by employees up to $10,000, increasing the current cap from $6,000.
  • A reduction to 10 hours in the number of volunteer hours needed to obtain a company match, matched at $10 per hour in 10 hour increments. Current program requirements dictate an employee must donate at least 25 hours to the same organization in order to receive a company match.
  • A new team volunteer match program allows teams of Boeing employees to donate their time to non-profit organizations, and in exchange the company will provide a monetary gift to that organization. Teams must meet minimum hours-of-service requirements, and the gift will be scaled based on the number of Boeing teammates who participate in the activity.
  • The addition of non-U.S. and subsidiary employees to the company’s volunteer and gift match programs.

“Over the years, Boeing and its employees have made lasting impacts in the communities that each of us calls home,” said John Blazey, vice president, Boeing Global Engagement. “The changes we are making to our volunteer and gift matching programs will enable even greater personal and collective investments in those local communities, bettering the world around us one neighborhood at a time.”

As part of the broader $300 million tax reform package, Boeing officials said the company will introduce additional employee benefits programs throughout 2018.

“We are a company within an industry that has had and will continue to have a meaningful role in the growth of our nation and the world,” Blazey said. “Through increased employee and community investments like the ones announced today, Boeing and its generous employees inspire the dreamers of tomorrow, and we move the world today through our products and our giving.”