​Biofuel now available at Bergen Airport

Environmental Sustainable fuels

Bergen - Together with the opening of the new terminal at Flesland, sustainable biofuel has become available to airlines.

"Those involved in Norwegian aviation are sharing the responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biofuel, together with new more energy-efficient aircraft, is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation industry. Biofuel can be imported or produced in Norway. A report from Rambøll shows that it is possible to achieve a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions using Norwegian sustainable biofuel obtained through biomass from forestry. This would also help create new businesses and jobs in Norway", said Dag Falk-Petersen, CEO of Avinor.

"We are delighted to be only the second airport in Norway who are now making aviation biofuel available to airlines. This is an important step in establishing a market and infrastructure for the production and delivery of biofuel on a large scale", said Aslak Sverdrup, Airport Director at Bergen Airport.

The fuel provider, AirBP, made its first biofuel delivery the night before the opening. Biofuel can be mixed directly with conventional fuel and no adjustments to the aircraft engines or distribution system are required.