SkyNRG announces new Sustainability Board

Environmental Sustainable fuels

Amsterdam - SkyNRG’s Sustainability Board now consists of representatives from WWF International, European Climate Foundation, University of Groningen and Solidaridad Network. With its broader international scope and added in-depth knowledge in the field of policy, agro-economics and supply-chain development, the expertise of the board is now in line with SkyNRG’s overall focus for the coming years.

The board advices SkyNRG on all aspects related to securing sustainability of aviation biofuels and the impacts this can have on the business, including feedstock, supply chains, policy and communications. More information about the members of the Sustainability Board, that participate on voluntary basis, can be found here.

"At WWF we support biofuel production that’s environmentally, socially, economically and climate sustainable because alternative fuels are one way for the aviation industry to reduce its carbon footprint in the foreseeable future. By advising SkyNRG according to RSB’s principles and criteria we can help to avoid negative impacts but above all help to realize positive socio-economic impact,” said Jenny Walter Thoss, Policy Officer Sustainable Biomass WWF International.

“Sustainable aviation fuels is an important growth market within the biobased economy and therefore automatically will have an impact on existing value chains, resource demand and technology development. Taking the social side of these potential impacts (both positive and negative) into account is key, and Solidaridad is committed to ensure that SkyNRG takes the right decisions in that respect,” said Gert van der Bijl, International Coordinator Livestock Programme.

“The shift to sustainable aviation fuels is a key part of the energy transition at large, and SkyNRG plays a main stage role in this. The position in their sustainability board gives me insights in this market development and  the possibility to guide in strategic (sustainability) decisions,” said André Faaij, Distinguished Professor Energy System Analysis at University of Groningen.

“Given the urgent need to reduce aviation’s climate impact, SkyNRG has an important role to play in creating the sustainable jet fuels market of the future. I am looking forward to contribute to SkyNRG’s efforts to help deliver products that significantly and genuinely reduce aviation’s environmental footprint," said Pete Harrison, Transport Director, European Climate Foundation.

“We’re very pleased and extremely proud with the new composition of our Sustainability Board. The quality of its members is a well-balanced composition, the more international focus and its broader scope make it a knowledgeable and credible advisory body. We trust it will help guide SkyNRG in the coming years of growth,” said Maarten van Dijk, CEO SkyNRG.