Water Wash app driving improved engine performance for TrueChoice flight hour customers

Environmental Operations

Farnborough - A new software application available to TrueChoice Flight Hour customers demonstrates how digital capability can drive exceptional insights from routine maintenance events. The Water Wash Optimizer application provides visibility to the significant time on wing gains that can be achieved through effective water wash and offers tools to optimize the procedure for maximum fuel savings.

"Water Wash Optimizer is a great example of how we are using our digital capabilities to enhance our TrueChoice product suite," said GE Aviation Services President and CEO Kevin McAllister. "This tool empowers our customers with digital insights that will help optimize their water wash procedures and maximize fuel savings."

Water Wash Optimizer delivers fleet-wide and engine-level views of engine operating parameters before and after engine water wash, making it easy to see the amount of exhaust gas temperature recovery achieved from the procedure. The app also indicates time on wing gained based on an individual engine's average deterioration rate, and it provides a fuel savings scenario planner to customize wash procedures for maximum fuel savings.  

The Water Wash Optimizer is available via the customer portal and is powered by GE's Predix software platform, which provides data integration and management, as well as the analytics, cloud and mobile capability to accelerate product development and deployment. 

GE Aviation Services launched its TrueChoice product suite in early 2016. Each of the TrueChoice offerings includes a growing number of digital tools that harness GE's unique ability to use data and analytics to offer new insights that reduce maintenance burden, decrease service disruptions, lower operating cost and enhance ease and speed of doing business.