20 carbon neutral airports and even more engaged in addressing their carbon footprints

Environmental Operations

Hong Kong, Brussels, Casablanca, Washington DC and Panama - With the groundswell of political visibility and a number of key events about Climate Change building up to the COP21 climate negotiations later this year, the independent programme Airport Carbon Accreditation today provided an update on its progress since going global in November 2014.

Following the global airport industry’s commitment to reduce its carbon emissions made 7 years ago, the intervening years since then have seen an ever-increasing number of airports apply for certification by Airport Carbon Accreditation.

The programme certifies airports at 4 different levels of accreditation covering all stages of carbon management (Mapping, Reduction, Optimisation and Neutrality). It is independently administered, institutionally-endorsed¹ and has already won praise from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the United Nation Environment Panel (UNEP) and the European Union (EU). In the past twelve months, Airport Carbon Accredited status has been earned by a total of 122 airports across the world.

Patti Chau, Regional Director ACI Asia-Pacific and Angela Gittens, Director General ACI World commented “These airports are reporting on their carbon management activities every year and they have mobilised on this of their own accord. An impressive 1.67 billion air passengers now travel through airports certified at one of the 4 levels of the programme – equivalent to 26.5% of global air passenger traffic. Most promisingly we are seeing a lot of airports moving up the levels of the programme - making real progress in the way they manage their carbon footprints.”