Icelandair saves more fuel by partnering with OpenAirline

Environmental Operations

Toulouse - Icelandair has signed a partnership agreement with OpenAirlines in order to monitor its fuel consumption and develop best practice solutions for its operation.

OpenAirlines, a French innovative company, has implemented SKYBREATHE FUEL EFFICIENCY a software solution to help airlines all over the world achieve important savings (from 1% to 4%) on their fuel costs.

This software is the outcome of 5 years of R&D conducted jointly with airlines, OEMs and Aeronautics Universities, and leveraging the Clean Sky research program. The company has developed algorithms to quickly analyze all the flights of an airline and propose fuel savings solutions.

With SkyBreathe Fuel Efficiency, OpenAirline was awarded the "2013 Sustainable Development Trophy" by La Melee association and the Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées Chamber of Commerce.

"We are very proud to have been chosen by Icelandair, an exemplary airline in terms of environmental efficiency.

The fact that Iceland is at the forefront of carbon neutrality means a great deal to us (Iceland is the nation with the highest share of renewable energy)." - Alexandre Feray, OpenAirlines CEO

Icelandair, by uniting on one aircraft passengers traveling to and from Iceland, with passengers crossing the Atlantic via Iceland, has expanded and reinforced its network continuously over the last decades. Icelandair connects 25 destinations in Europe with 14 cities in North America, through Iceland as a hub.

The overarching goal of Icelandair's environmental policy is to minimize the company's total environmental impact and to establish sustainable practices by optimizing the use of resources.

OpenAirlines was founded in Toulouse, France, in 2006 to meet the needs of airlines to optimize their flight operations and reduce their costs. Leveraging a team of airline specialists, it offers innovative software solutions to save fuel (SkyBreathe®), manage crews (CrewIntelligence™ and CrewPad™) and fleet (OptiFleet™).