Oslo to become biohub powered by SkyNRG Nordic and Avinor

Environmental Sustainable fuels

Oslo, Amsterdam, Dubai – SkyNRG Nordic, the partnership between SkyNRG and Statoil Fuel & Retail Aviation, announced the supply of the first commercial quantities of sustainable bio jet fuel to Avinor’s airport Gardermoen in 2015. Lufthansa has signed up for 5% sustainable bio jet fuel on more than 5000 flights annually. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and SAS are also participating in the initiative. Norwegian operator Avinor played a key role in the commercial scale purchasing agreements by offering a unique airport incentive for biofuel powered flights, which is open to all airlines.

Lufthansa was the first airline to sign up, followed by SAS and KLM. It is the first time that sustainable bio jet fuel will be used in the hydrant system of the airport. This makes it a real milestone for sustainable jet fuel development.

”Statoil Aviation has now taken bio jet fuel from testing and promotions to real business. We are proud to offer the airlines bio jet fuel as part of their normal operation at Oslo Airport for the first time. Signing supply contracts with airlines that include drop-in biofuels is a real breakthrough in the aviation industry and another important step for a better environment. I want to say thank you to Avinor, SkyNRG and the participating airlines that made this possible, ” says Mr. Thorbjörn Larsson, Vice President Statoil Fuel & Retail Aviation.

“We applaud the visionary strategy from Avinor, Statoil Aviation and our launching airline clients which have made this possible. I hope other airports and governments around the world are closely watching what is happening here. This is not just about CO2 subsidies, this is about building a Norwegian bio based industry,” says Mr. Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO SkyNRG.

“At Avinor and Oslo Airport, we are proud to make this pioneering step forward in our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint from aviation. Biofuel represents the future and Avinor is committed to make this project a joint success with our partners at Statoil Aviation, SkyNRG and the airliners, says CEO of Avinor, Mr. Dag Falk-Petersen.”

“This is exactly why we established SkyNRG Nordic: getting permanent streams of sustainable jet fuel in place. Our recently launched Fly Green Fund for responsible corporations ought to give a further push to this initiative. I call upon all corporations in the Nordic to fly on sustainable jet fuel that is produced and used in de Nordic region,” says Mrs. Maria Fiskerud, Director SkyNRG Nordic.

About SkyNRG Nordic
SkyNRG Nordic, the partnership between SkyNRG and Statoil Fuel & Retail Aviation, has the mission to make the Nordics the first biofuel region in the world, with all flights operating on biofuel. The Fly Green Fund is a new and innovative tool that has been developed to kick-start the market. This fund is set up for corporations in the Nordics that are frontrunners in the area of sustainability and have the ambition to reduce their carbon footprint from business travel by flying on biofuel. Next to that SkyNRG Nordic is teaming up with airlines and airports to create the structure and the market pull that will enable sustainable jet fuel supply chains to be developed. We call these regional supply chains BioPorts. In June 2014, Karlstad BioPort was the first one be launched in the Nordics.
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