Auckland Airport launches youth art programme

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Auckland Airport has launched an art programme to showcase the artistic talents of young Aucklanders. The programme, called ‘Our Auckland’, means talented young artists can display their art at the airport for the benefit of passengers, their friends and families and those who work at the airport.

AklartCharles Spillane, Auckland Airport’s general manager of corporate affairs, says, “Our local community has a wealth of creative talent, supported by the diversity of culture for which South Auckland is well known.”

“We are incredibly proud to be a part of this vibrant community and want to provide the opportunity for local students to display their talents to the large number of people that visit Auckland Airport every day.”

The programme has been launched with a mural created by students from Papatoetoe High School. Titled, ‘Our Place’, the mural consists of eight panels that are based on the students’ perceptions of Auckland Airport and its identity as a place in South Auckland.

Rakesh Govind, Acting Principal of Papatoetoe High School, says, “The opportunity for our students to be involved in such an amazing project has been fantastic. I have seen their enthusiasm and commitment and I know that this experience will stay with them for a long time to come. Thank you to all involved and especially to our art department, and to Kristy Kirkpatrick, the teacher who assisted the students with the mural, for her guidance.”
Mr Spillane says, “Auckland Airport would like to thank everyone from Papatoetoe High School who was involved in the creation of ‘Our Place’. It is the result of much hard-work, dedication and talent on behalf of all that contributed.”

“‘Our Place’ is a stunning piece of art and we are very proud to have the opportunity to display it for all our visitors to enjoy.”

Our Place
The mural is based on the students’ perceptions of Auckland Airport and its identity as a place in South Auckland. The panels, which include allusions to airport architecture as well as natural and historical sites, are inspired by what makes the airport unique in its location in Mangere.

In addition to the airport itself, sources of inspiration include the Otuataua Stonefields, Mangere Mountain, Puketutu Island, the Manukau Heads Lighthouse and local native trees and birds.

The student artists who created the mural are Kiya Chulov, Pallavi Dass, Nga Doan, Yuti Jain, Dominique Lelei, Lily Loni, Caleb Looker, Nilima Naidu, Edyn Okesene, Sangeetha Rao, Amy Rosenfeldt, Michelle Sheng, Neha Singh and Yasmin Vemoa Sioeli.
The teacher who assisted the students was Kristy Kirkpatrick, with support from her colleagues Phil Leaning, Simone Steele, Carla Wong and Wenkai Wu.