Incheon Airport starts using new CO2-reduction tool

Environmental Operations

Seoul - Incheon Airport announced the installation of aircraft ground power supply (AC-GPS) at the airport site and that it started commercial operation of the equipment on April 10. The equipment was successfully developed in Korea.

AC-GPS is an equipment that enables sophisticated modification of voltage and frequency for the purpose of powering parking aircraft, and is one of key equipments for airport operation. It also enables the reduction of carbon emissions by replacing the supplementary power generation engine.

In February, Incheon Airport successfully completed the AC-GPS localisation development upon research that took 2 years and 8 months. Following the development, Asiana Airlines has been preparing to apply the localised product to A380 which it plans to introduce this year.

To foster mutual growth, Incheon Airport stated that it will actively support marketing of SMEs that were partners in the project. Incheon Airport will purchase 13 AC-GPS equipments and replace the existing overseas-produced models.