CleanSky 2: Airbus leading Europe’s research & technology for future large commercial aircraft

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Airbus will play a leading role in the EU’s recently launched CleanSky 2 (CS2) initiative – the follow-up to CleanSky and the most extensive aeronautical research programme ever launched in Europe. CS2 will provide a platform for focused large scale, highly integrated demonstrators with our partners. Within the frame of the CS2 collaborative research platform, Airbus will focus its expertise on the future of large passenger aircraft, for which the main areas will include: new propulsion systems and their integration in future aircraft; the future of the fuselage and passenger cabin; and the ‘cockpit of the future’.

“Airbus is proud to further apply its innovative spirit and R&T know-how for the benefit of global air transport,” said Axel Krein, Head of Research & Technology at Airbus. “By taking part in EU’s CleanSky initiative, we will not only reinforce Europe’s industrial leadership and future competiveness, but together with our partners we will also help to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of commercial aviation, as well as improve the journey experience for the passenger.”

The CS2 initiative, which is complementary to other internal, national and international R&T efforts, will bring together Europe’s best technologies, capabilities and knowledge as well as providing Airbus and its partners with access to each other’s state-of-the-art facilities. This will allow them to work together as a team to integrate even more complex technologies to realise breakthrough innovations for the future. Airbus’ contributions to CS2 will focus on three main platforms:

Platform 1: “Advanced Engine and Aircraft Configurations” will provide the environment to explore and validate the integration of the most fuel efficient propulsion concept for next generation short and medium range aircraft. Large scale demonstration will include flight testing with a full size counter-rotating-open-rotor (“CROR”) engine mounted to an Airbus A340 test aircraft, and a full-size aft-fuselage structural propulsion integration demonstrator.

Platform 2: “Innovative Physical Integration Cabin – System – Structure” will target advanced fuselage structural and aircraft systems concepts for possible next generation cabin architectures. To be able to account for the variety of the test programme requirements, three individual major demonstrators will be deployed. Several smaller test rigs and component demonstrators will also be part of the programme in the preparatory phase.

Platform 3: “Next Generation Electrical Aircraft System, Cockpit and Avionics” will culminate in a cockpit ground demonstrator which will demonstrate features to significantly reduce pilot workload, enhance navigation with mission-management systems, and improve communications with the ground. In addition, flight tests will validate some of the innovative features of the new cockpit concept. The cockpit demonstrator will also explore innovations to monitor the aircraft status.

Continuous show updates will be posted daily on Photos and video material will be made available in the Airbus pressroom