Airbus Corporate Foundation, JetBlue send humanitarian aid to Haiti

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The Airbus Corporate Foundation and its partners JetBlue and Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help (LOG) have transported 10 tonnes of medical supplies, blankets, sheets and toys from Hamburg, Germany to Haiti. The humanitarian aid was loaded on an A321 which was delivered to JetBlue. The plane took off from the Airbus in Hamburg, heading for Port-au–Prince, Haiti.

The supplies will be distributed to people in need in Haiti, many of whom are children. The donations were collected by the German NGO Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen (Wings of Help) and include cholera medication, sheets, clothing and toys.

“JetBlue is honoured to partner with the Airbus Corporate Foundation and Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen to bring relief to the people of Haiti. Port-au-Prince is a new JetBlue destination, and it is always important for us to support the communities we serve. Besides the humanitarian material Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen has sourced to put onboard our new A321, JetBlue will also donate almost 2,000 books to improve literacy, build a well for an orphanage school and provide 1,500 female hygiene products to a local girls’ orphanage,” said JetBlue CSR Director Icema Gibbs.

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen President Frank Franke said: “Our renewed help for the victims of the devastating earthquake in 2010 has the highest priority and it is especially important to us to aid the cholera-stricken patients who still today lack the proper medicine and antibiotics they need.”

Andrea Debbané, Executive Director of the Airbus Corporate Foundation, said: “We are proud that the Airbus Corporate Foundation and its partners contribute to humanitarian causes in a very tangible way. Since December 2008, the Airbus Corporate Foundation has facilitated more than 36 relief and aid flights to numerous destinations all over the globe. This latest flight demonstrates Airbus’ continued commitment to supporting people in need.“

In recent years, Airbus has built up a global network of airlines and relief organisations to support international humanitarian causes. Delivery flights of new, to-be-delivered aircraft have been used on numerous occasions to transport goods to populations in need all over the world.

The Airbus Corporate Foundation was created in December 2008 to facilitate charitable activities worldwide within an international network of employees and partners. The organisation focuses its support on three themes: humanitarian and community support, youth development and the environment.

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