Neste Oil win award for work on sustainable aviation biofuel

Environmental Sustainable fuels

Neste Oil together with its Dutch partners win a Sustainable Bio Award for their work on sustainable aviation biofuel. The joint initiative, Bioport for jet fuels in the Netherlands, between Neste Oil and its Dutch partners received a Sustainable Bio Award in Amsterdam on 5 March. Launched in November 2013, the initiative is designed to promote the deployment of sustainably produced biofuels in the aviation sector.

In addition to Neste Oil, the initiative has been signed by KLM, SkyNRG, Schiphol Airport, the Port of Rotterdam, the State Secretary of Infrastructure and the Environment, and the Minister of Economic Affairs. Neste Oil's role in the initiative is to explore the opportunities for producing renewable aviation fuel on a continuous basis and scaling up production.

The Sustainable Bio Award competition recognizes innovations that promote the development of sustainably produced biofuels and bio-products. Joint initiative received the top award in the Collaboration of the Year category.

"Our NEXBTL renewable aviation fuel enables airlines to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and has already been trialed successfully on commercial flights," says Kaisa Hietala, Neste Oil's Vice President, Renewable Fuels. "The joint initiative that has been recognized with the Sustainable Bio Award makes us optimistic that airlines could switch to using renewable fuels on a continuous basis rather than just for trial purposes."

NEXBTL renewable aviation fuel meets the very stringent quality standards demanded of aircraft fuel and can significantly reduce an aircraft's greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuel. The fuel is produced using Neste Oil's proprietary NEXBTL technology, which can make very flexible use of a wide range of vegetable oil and waste-based feedstocks. Neste Oil ensures the sustainability of all the renewable inputs it uses, and its supply chain complies with a number of sustainability certification schemes.