London Gatwick takes an ‘industry leading’ approach to noise

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-Expert report finds that Gatwick is an industry leader in noise management -Innovative projects this year will help reduce and mitigate against noise in the future

Gatwick Industry Leading ApproachLondon Gatwick today releases a report of its noise management, which recognises Gatwick as an industry leader in the management of aircraft noise.

The report, carried out by Noise Communications Solutions (NCS), was commissioned by Gatwick a year ago and was designed to scrutinise its noise initiatives and benchmark its approach to noise management with some of the best airports in the UK and Europe, including Heathrow, Stansted, Frankfurt and Schiphol.

Vicki Hughes, Managing Director of NCS, said: “After a rigorous review of Gatwick Airport’s noise management approach, it is clear that through the implementation of several innovative measures, the impact will ensure Gatwick maintains its position as an industry leader in the management of airport noise."

The endorsement comes as Gatwick hosts its second annual Noise Seminar, which offers local communities and stakeholders the opportunity to hear about Gatwick’s progress on its noise management programme - ‘Fly Quiet and Clean’. The public event also offers a forum to openly discuss noise issues and listen to the views of industry experts, community groups and environmental campaigners.

Stewart Wingate, CEO of London Gatwick, said: “We take noise management very seriously and it is great that our approach has been independently validated by renowned noise experts. However, even as we try to remove hundreds of thousands of people out of the flight path in line with Government policy we recognise that there will always be some communities affected by aircraft noise. We will therefore continue to take a responsible approach to noise reduction and mitigation and retain a leading industry position on this.”

Since the launch of Gatwick’s ‘Fly Quiet and Clean’ programme at last year’s noise seminar, Gatwick has launched a number of innovative new noise initiatives. These include being the first UK airport to introduce Precision Navigation on all of its departure routes. This allows aircraft to fly on more precise routes, rather than in wide swathes and ultimately reduces the number of people impacted by noise.

This year alone, Gatwick became the first airport to consult on changes to its airspace which could reduce noise by up to 65% and the airport expanded its Noise Insulation Scheme to cover 40% more homes.

Click here to read the Noise Communication Solutions full report.

About Noise Communications Solutions (NCS)

NCS is a company working exclusively in the aviation industry helping airlines and airports recognise and mitigate the effects of their operations on local communities.

For further information and for copies of the report, please contact Vicki Hughes, Managing Director, NCS on 01279 215185, 07727 013629 or visit Alternatively tweet you can tweet them @noisecomms.

About Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second largest airport and the busiest single-runway airport in the world. It serves more than 200 destinations in 90 countries for around 35 million passengers a year on short and long-haul services. It is also a major economic driver for the South-East region, generating around 23,000 on-airport jobs and a further 13,000 jobs through related activities. The airport is 28 miles south of London with excellent public transport links, including the Gatwick Express. Gatwick Airport is owned by a group of international investment funds, of which Global Infrastructure Partners is the largest shareholder.

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