LAN Airlines presented 2012 Sustainability Report


For the third year running, LAN presented its Sustainability Report, becoming one of the first airlines in the region to complete one and present it in 100% digital format, fully interactive. In this issue, the Company tours the major milestones of 2012, highlighting the official birth of LATAM Airlines Group, as the most important in the history of LAN.

This third report features results for key social, environmental and economic statistics, and for actions, impacts, projects and benefits that management has left in the countries where it operates. In terms of sustainability during 2012, highlighted are important steps such as the incentive for the development of biofuels, as well as becoming the first airline in South America to make a flight that used second-generation biofuel.

Likewise, the Report addresses two equally important milestones in the management of the company, as was the incorporation of LATAM Airlines Group into DJSI Emerging Markets, a stock exchange index of sustainability, which brings together the 69 companies with the best sustainable development practices from a total of 800 of the largest companies in emerging markets. And the inclusion of the United Nations Global Compact, adhering to ten principles on human rights issues, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.

"In LAN, Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into our way of doing business, so the report is a valuable strategic document that helps us to measure, manage and communicate our sustainability practices, today a key focus for development and growth of the company," says Bruno Ardito, Director of Institutional Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility LAN.

Regarding its elaboration, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) methodology was used, widely known as the most comprehensive standard in terms of guidelines and development of sustainability reports. The document was also verified for the second year in a row by Deloitte, and again scored a B + rating, according to GRI standards.