Lufthansa: white giant with electric legs

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Lufthansa trains 747-8 pilots on an energy-efficient flight simulator

It is the place where future pilots practise before flying the real thing. Simulator training is an integral part of pilot training. The Lufthansa Group naturally has a vested interest in training its pilots on the best and most advanced simulators. These are operated by Lufthansa Flight Training.

But that is not all: Lufthansa also places emphasis on environmentally compatible models. In 2012 the Group invested in the 747-8 full-flight simulator – the first training device for the passenger version of the new jumbo, the “Queen of the Skies”. Unlike traditional training devices that are mounted on hydraulic stilts to simulate turbulence, the legs of the 14.5-tonne “white giant” are powered by six linear electric motors. The reason is that they provide more accurate control impulses and are much more efficient. They also use 70 per cent less energy and are quieter than comparable predecessor models, which are hydraulically powered.

The new simulator also offers many improvements in the cockpit, thanks to state-of-the-art projection technology. Rarely has a flight simulator provided such a realistic representation of a runway or such modern handling characteristics. The pilots and the cadets who are training to become commercial pilots receive their information via touch screens and use the latest and most clearly structured graphical user interfaces. The cockpit is fitted with many original parts from Boeing and thus corresponds exactly to a 747-8 in the Lufthansa fleet.