Lufthansa: New centre for dialogue for airport region

Social development

Lufthansa welcomes opening of information centre at the Environment and Community Centre in Kelsterbach

For many years now, the Lufthansa Group has been engaged in a community dialogue with people living in the vicinity of Frankfurt Airport, as well as with politicians and experts, and attaches great importance to this exchange of views. On 12 April, an information centre will be inaugurated at the Environment and Community Centre in nearby Kelsterbach. The Lufthansa Group, along with other system partners, will provide the new facility with material assistance and content-related support.

The main aim of the centre is to intensify the dialogue and cooperation between Frankfurt Airport, its users and local residents. An exhibition entitled “Protest. Mediation. Dialogue. Frankfurt Airport, the Region and its People” will reveal the history of the expansion of Frankfurt Airport in all its facets. There will also be interactive exhibition rooms dealing with such issues as sound and noise, air traffic and the environment as well as the importance of the airport for the economy and job market.

“We wish the information centre every success and hope it will attract many visitors. The exhibition is a vital element in generating an objective debate in the region,” said Kay Kratky, member of the Board of Lufthansa German Airlines.

 Lufthansa is represented in the exhibition in a variety of ways. One of the items on display is a silencer that Lufthansa retrofitted on its fleet of Boeing 737s to reduce noise caused by the aircraft. The exhibition also informs visitors about the important contribution Lufthansa makes to the economy and explains the workings of its passenger and cargo hub. With a workforce of about 37,000 at its Frankfurt base, Lufthansa is the largest employer in the state of Hesse. As it accounts for almost two thirds of the traffic volume at Frankfurt, it is a major engine of growth in the Frankfurt- Rhine-Main region, which is a key location for the air transport and logistics industry.