Case Study

Transavia: A step in the right direction

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Transavia has made changes in how they fuel their aircraft, in how they clean their engines, in recycling, seats, wing tips, and much more. It’s just the beginning in a series of changes to bring Transavia up to speed to meet the demands of an aviation industry that needs to become a leader in mitigating climate change.

* The 'Skies of Tomorrow' documentary series, produced by Zinc Communicate, a Zinc Media Group company, and filmed around the world, takes viewers on a cinematic journey, exploring what is driving change in this innovative and fast-moving aviation industry. A series of short-form documentaries, featuring insightful stories from the world’s aviation sector, highlighting how the industry is focused on sustainable practices, modernisation, and growth. Viewers will hear from leaders and influencers in the industry, showing innovations in aircraft manufacture, alternative fuels, and shining a light on those airports which are already on their way to becoming carbon neutral.

The series highlights how modern technology is taking the industry by storm; celebrating what ATAG members and beyond, are doing to create sustainable solutions to air travel; as well as enlightening consumers on how to travel more sustainably. 

More info can be found in the ATAG press release (April, 2022): Introducing "Skies of Tomorrow" - An exciting new documentary series.