Case Study

Producing highly efficient turbofans

Environmental Technology

Taking into account the contribution of design to achieve best results in efficiency and durability, CFM International’s LEAP turbofan has set the standard for technological advance in the field.

LEAP is an example of the new, highly efficient jet engines being designed which have larger fan diameters that require the use of combined technology to provide strength, durability and aero efficiency without the burden of higher weight and lower durability of conventional metal fan blades and cases.

CFM56 Leap EngineUsing LEAP technology engines also contribute to achieving significant improvements in the reduction of CO2 emissions and noise levels whilst providing reliability and low maintenance costs.

The current air quality measures proposed by the European Commission and the public’s demands are setting high levels of expectation for the reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions and of aircraft noise. The use of LEAP can ensure many of the desired results by achieving 15% lower CO2 emissions, 50% lower NOx emissions and a 75% reduction in the noise pollution compared to today's aircraft.