Case Study

Managing stormwater at Auckland Airport

Environmental Operations

What to do with excess stormwater at an airport can be a difficult question. If the water builds up too much without being managed, contaminated water can seep into the surrounding lands and sea, resulting in environmental damage.

To manage flooding and protect the local environment, Auckland Airport has put in place a stormwater management plan, which provides details of the operational and maintenance procedures that are adopted for different areas of the airport. As the airport develops, a series of stormwater ponds are installed to accommodate excess water and regular audits take place to ensure that the plan is being carried out effectively. The plan also includes a comprehensive spill response system, constant cleaning of roads and apron areas, as well as an annual shore cleanup programme

To improve its water management procedures around the terminal building, Auckland has recruited the services of Stormwater 360, a company which specialises in installing ‘green roofs’. By planting vegetation on the roof of the terminal, 70% of the rain that falls on them is absorbed, significantly reducing run-off. These green roofs also prolong the life of the roofs themselves and encourage biodiversity.