While some fuel savings and consequent CO2 savings come about purely through the technology being used, other savings can be made by using the technology you already have more intelligently.

Bombardier recognises the fact that these operational improvements can make all the difference when it comes to cutting unnecessary fuel burn, so that is why it has developed a tailored fuel efficiency manual for the Q400 and plans a future edition for the CRJ.

These documents, aimed not just at pilots, but at other airline workers too, act as a guide for airlines to maximise their operational and performance techniques, enabling them to generate significant fuel savings across all mission profiles and phases of flight.

The manuals suggest that: properly planned and executed descent profiles can offer some of the best fuel savings, that the overall weight of the aircraft be closely monitored, as extra weight adds fuel use and flight planning that is based on previous performance monitoring.

These manuals were developed by engineering teams at Bombardier, who naturally know the potential of the technology the best, and were improved with the comments of various stakeholders, such as the marketing department, client support and also with feedback received from airlines, particularly the significant input from Flybe in the UK.