To raise awareness of the challenges and innovative solutions of aviation sustainability among the general public, Air France-KLM launched a project in September 2014 with 14 partners from a range of connected industries which are given the opportunity to show the public the commitment to sustainable travel.

‘Lab’line for the future’ has been developing specific themes for each two-month period and provides passengers with the opportunity to ask professionals any questions they might have about sustainability issues during special events. 

For example, the company’s efforts in waste reduction and eco-design, take the entire life cycle into account when introducing new products. It is also working with various partners to promote circular economy initiatives in the area surrounding Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, as CO2 emissions relating to air travel are not linked only to the flight, but also to passengers’ and employees’ journeys to and from the airport. 

As part of the project, Air France operated regular biofuel-powered flights from Toulouse to Paris Orly for more than a year ending in January 2016. Air France ensures that the feedstocks used to produce their biofuel is sustainably sourced and does not compete with food production.

The Lab’line project is connected to Air France-KLM’s overall climate action plan, an overarching initiative aimed at reducing the company’s environmental footprint. Throughout the Air France-KLM network, the average fuel consumption has been reduced by an impressive 6.7% compared to 2011, to reach 3.45 litres per passenger per 100 kilometres. This has been achieved through various means, such as fleet modernisation, involving staff in climate action plans and supporting environmental protection programmes.