With the focus on aircraft, it is easy to forget that ground operations offer great potential for energy saving. Hamburg Airport seized this opportunity with a project that commits to running half their ground fleet on alternative fuel by 2020.

Hamburg Airport has a ground fleet of about 400, comprising buses, cars and various light-and heavy-duty vehicles. Their project “Mobility Concept 2020”, kicked off in 2013 and aims to reduce the environmental impact of this fleet by ensuring that at least 50% of these ground vehicles use alternative fuel by 2020.

To achieve this, the project team keep themselves apprised of any new technological developments, whilst ensuring that all new vehicles run on alternative fuel such as compressed natural gas (CNG), electricity or hydrogen.

The supporting infrastructure has been installed, including a CNG fuelling station and electric charging stations. In addition, a preliminary hydrogen station has been constructed to be used in a practical test for hydrogen powered vehicles. 

Alternative fuel already powers 32% of the ground fleet at Hamburg Airport, demonstrating that ground support can take a significant step towards being climate neutral.