This service innovation enables organisations and individuals to fly on sustainable alternative aviation fuel in the Nordic region through offsetting the premium cost of the fuel and by supporting the development of production in the region from local feedstock.

The FlyGreenFund will influence the market of bio jet fuel through showing both airlines and fuel producers that there exists both demand for sustainable jet fuel and a way to finance the high costs, today. In the long run the co-operation will result in Nordic production of sustainable jet fuel.

An initiative founded by SkyNRG, NISA and Karlstad Airport, the fund gives partners a platform to work together with supporters such as environmental groups; airline corporate customers which can choose to finance sustainable alternative fuel up to a certain part of their total jet fuel consumption in business travel; and individual air travellers.

The project aims to secure the necessary funding to kick-start the market for sustainable jet fuel in the Nordics by creating demand and at the same time supporting the development of production capacity from locally available feedstock. In the long term, the objective is to set up a fully functioning regional sustainable jet fuel supply chain based on locally available feedstocks (for example, forestry residue).

From the corporate customers’ contribution, 75% goes to the fuel itself and 25% goes to supply chain projects, supporting the development of supply chains based on locally available feedstock and state of the art conversion technologies.

To engage people in the initiative more widely, the FlyGreenFund have run a number of campaigns such as selling ‘biotickets’ online during the Swedish political week in the summer of 2015. The revenue from this will be used to finance sustainable jet fuel for the participating airlines’ use later in the year. Information seminars were also held during this week.

This industry can only thrive when all key stakeholders work together. That’s why the FlyGreenFund is not just restricted to one airport or airline but welcomes all partners that are committed to make sustainable jet fuel a reality.