The parking area at Oslo Airport has Europe’s largest charging facility for electrical vehicles. But Oslo Airport also helps to keep cars off the road by providing top-class public transport to and from the airport.

Not content with providing a high percentage of surface access, Oslo Airport also wants to accommodate for the use of zero emissions vehicles at the airport.

During 2014 to mid-2015, 109 new charging points were installed at Oslo Airport, bringing the total number of charging points at Oslo Airport to 193, with a further 40 under construction, to be completed by the end of 2015. This is probably Europe’s largest charging facility and is free of charge to all passengers and employees. There are also plans to establish high capacity chargers by the end of the year. Airports are useful drivers of wider change in such technologies – particularly amongst the staff that work there.

Oslo Airport has the highest percentage of passengers travelling to and from the airport using public transportation in Europe and it aims to increase this further. Environmental concerns were high on the agenda from the airport’s inception, with a reliable express train providing a substantial part of the transport needs of the airport. Besides the airport express train, other regional trains stop regularly at the airport, amounting to more than 300 train arrivals and departures each day.

Additionally, many airport buses (express, city and regional) take the passengers to their final destinations. Daily bus arrivals and departures amount to more than 500.

Today the airport is working to encourage even more passengers onto public transport by placing informative and detailed information screens throughout the arrival areas in 2015 and is planning more for the luggage pick up area in the near future. They have complemented this with the introduction of a specially designed app.