Case Study

Do you SRQ?

Economic Value to the economy

Despite being a major economic engine for the Sarasote and Manatee County communities, the Sarasota-Manatee Airport (SRQ) airport has recently experienced a phenomenon called “air traffic leakage” as 70% of Sarasota Manatee passengers travel from other airports instead of SRQ.

This consumer behaviour has had a tremendous detrimental impact both for the community and the airport by reducing revenues for local businesses, shifting millions in taxes to other communities with no benefit to the Sarasote and Manatee County and damaging SRQ’s chances of attracting service.

To change this situation the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport launched the ‘DO YOU SRQ?’ campaign in November 2012. The campaign aimed at highlighting the advantages of choosing SRQ airlines for both the community and the airport by raising brand awareness, by educating the public of the tremendous economic impact of the airport in terms of the $962 million which are invested into the local economy and over 11,000 jobs which are created, as well as by informing residents that the airport is funded through business operations.

The advertising pledge for local businesses and individuals to commit to SRQ when flying has been very successful and has triggered collective efforts to bolster the community airport and ensure its continued success.