Case Study

Cambodian airports keeping Khmer culture alive

Social development Tourism Skills Cultural exchange

VINCI Airports, a global organisation that operates a number of airports around the world, has been working through its subsidiary, Cambodia Airports, to boost the profile of Cambodia and improving the Kingdom’s influence and appeal around the world. Working alongside the Cambodian government VINCI Airports supports two projects, in particular, that contribute to the social and economic development of Cambodia.

VINCI Airports has a long standing partnership with ‘Artisans d’Angkor’, which was formed to ensure the continuity and development of traditional Khmer crafts. Supporting roughly 20 underprivileged communities in the Siem Reap region, Artisans d’Angkor’ employs a number of craftsmen and craftswomen who produce goods made from silk, stone, wood lacquer, marble and precious metals. This not only allows visitors to purchase authentic Khmer artwork and clothes which showcase Cambodian craftsmanship, but also ensures that each person working with Artisans d’Angkor’ receives a stable level of income and full social welfare cover. Overall, Artisans d’Angkor operates 42 shops and employs more than 1,300 people.

To further support the promotion of Cambodian history and culture, VINCI Airports has been backing an extensive programme of archaeological digs at Siem Reap Airport, near the temples of Angkor. Recruiting the expertise of the French National Institute for Research in Preventive Archaeology, these digs allow local trainee archeologists to learn from the French counterparts and help spread knowledge of Cambodian history.