Case Study

Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport

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For people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, the flying experience can be both confusing and stressful. It also poses significant challenges for carers. Roughly 47 million people worldwide struggle with living with dementia, but still need to travel. One airport in Australia has taken it upon itself to address the issue.

Brisbane Airport was officially named Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport by Alzheimer’s Australia in June 2017. The has airport launched a new guide that shows staff how to help passengers suffering from dementia navigate the entire airport process, which has been produced  in partnership with the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration: Carers and Consumers (DCRC-CC), who have been working with Brisbane Airport since 2015.

The guide identifies the international dementia friendly symbols and takes users through the different airport zones, outlining what to expect in the bag screening area, duty free regulations, customs, quarantine, transfers and immigration. Now that the guide has been produced and is being put into practice by the Brisbane’s staff, the hope is that its success will encourage other airports in Australia and further afield to adopt the practices, making flying with dementia more comfortable for passengers throughout the world.