Case Study

ASPIRE: Working together to cut emissions in Asia-Pacific

Environmental Operations

Reducing the level of emissions produced by aircraft often requires broad cooperation between airlines, air service providers and governments on operational procedures. Improving the efficiency of journeys through such partnerships can yield extremely positive results, saving fuel and, consequently, emissions. One of the best examples of such close cooperation in the aviation sector is the Asia and South Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions (ASPIRE).

ASPIRE is a partnership that was formed in 2008 by Airservices Australia, Airways New Zealand and the Federal Aviation Administration. In the following years they were joined by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and AeroThai. The cooperation of these organisations represents one of the most thorough regional environmentally-focused partnerships in the world and has resulted in impressive emissions savings.

ASPIRE aims to develop operational procedures that reduce the environmental footprint of all phases of flight, from terminal to terminal. Through sharing examples of best practice, utilising existing technology and sharing performance measurements, members are able to learn from each other and reduce overall emissions produced in the region.

ASPIRE run various initiatives to drive forward the daily application of environmental best practices, a good example of which is ‘ASPIRE Daily’, that is used to identify and promote regular environmental practices between particular paired cities. The project works by using exemplar ‘green flight’ demonstrations between cities and showing how the emissions savings created in these flights can be applied to everyday routes. Using a star rating system to grade various gate-to-gate best practices for fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, this project has shown that the key elements of best practices from demonstration flights can indeed be repeated in daily operations.  

Using ASPIRE Daily and many other innovative projects, ASPIRE is on course to helping the Asia and South Pacific region achieve their goal of optimised operations.