Case Study

Airbus Global University Partner Programme

Social development Skills

Encouraging the next generation of aerospace engineers to enter the industry is one of the main priorities for manufacturers. To ensure that a company is an attractive prospect for budding engineers, manufacturers need to engage with students and universities. And this is exactly what European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, is doing.

Through its Global University Partner Programme, Airbus have been pursuing every means possible of partnering with educational establishments to seek out the best and brightest for a future career at the company. The first step is to build the right network, identifying institutions that fit the requirements of Airbus and making sure that they are kept informed of developments at the organisation. In February 2016, Airbus published their ‘Engineer of the Future’ white paper in Singapore. This white paper sets out exactly what Airbus is looking for in a young engineer, which not only helps prospective students decide if that is the career for them, but also helps universities refine their academic courses, so as to better prepare their students for their future jobs.

As well as these broader partnerships with universities, Airbus have been holding special events, such as the ‘Airnovation Summier Academy’, where students from around the world can gather for a summer camp to focus on innovation and learn from Airbus’ in-house experts.  

Airbus’ engagement with future generations doesn’t just start with universities. Inspiring school-age children is important for the company too. Through the Airbus Foundation, the company has set up a number of projects to reach out to kids and get them interested in aviation.