Case Study

A successful partnership

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) operates one of the most advanced air traffic management systems in Europe. In May 2011, the IAA became the first of the Co-operation of Air Navigation Service providers (COOPANS) to successfully implement the new system.

COOPANS equips air traffic controllers with improved functionalities whilst maintaining maximum levels of safety and increasing capacity to improve customer demands.

The COOPANS framework agreement aims to be more than a traditional relationship between Air Navigation Service Providers and the ATM supply industry by setting the foundations for a strong long-term partnership. This is why COOPANS has adopted a common managerial approach where the four ANSPs act as one organisation together with Thales to focus on common successes. The harmonisation of functionalities and joint investments enable the implementation of an advanced and unified air traffic control system.

The first achievement is the safe and cost effective commissioning of identical systems in the four countries. COOPANS' highest priority is to provide a customer-oriented solution to support economic efficiency and environmental protection, through a 'green approach' and 'business trajectory'.

Overall, this partnership is underpinned by a unified solution of sharing local and European experiences as COOPANS members work together to agree upon common specifications for equipment and services. Technical and decision committees convene on a regular basis to ensure the right level of coordination and execution of agreed decisions.