September 23, 2014

International diplomacy made possible

This year’s United Nations General Assembly and Climate Summit will bring the world’s governments together in New York on September 23rd to look for new ways to tackle global problems of poverty, war, poor education, disease and climate change, among a host of other major issues.

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September 22, 2014

Getting aviation ready for a fossil fuel free future

Ahead of the UN Climate Summit tomorrow, the aviation sector held an event to mark the use of sustainable alternative fuels in air transport. This came on the day that Finnair announced a flight on used cooking oil to New York, to take place tomorrow. Below is an extract of the speech given by ATAG Executive Director Michael Gill at today's event.

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September 10, 2014

Montreal – a global aviation powerhouse

Aircraft manufacturing – perhaps alongside nuclear power generation and the oil sector – is one of the most technically complex and strategically important of any nation’s industrial capabilities. Until recently the main centres of aircraft manufacturing were centred in the USA, Europe and Russia. But in the last few decades new globally important aerospace clusters have emerged in Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Montreal.

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September 03, 2014

How Denmark punches above its weight

In today’s global economy it helps to be big.

Big countries with large populations tend to play more influential roles in regional political affairs than their smaller neighbours. If their governments lift travel restrictions big countries tend to attract more interest from airlines wanting to start new services – which means a cheaper and wider choice of connections and all-round better access to global markets.

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